Legrin LLC (“Legrin”) is a limited liability company established in 50 Colfax, Avenue Clifton, NJ 07013. This privacy notice will explain how our organization uses the personal data we collect from you, when you use our services and website.

What Data Do We Collect?

The data you provide: We collect the information you provide when using our services. This information could include but is not limited to identification, address etc. This information is vital for our services to be rendered for you.

Website based data: While you use our website, we use cookies collect behavioral use patterns and tailor your experience in accordance. We use this data to improve our services, create better interfaces and create a better experience for you.

Third-Party provided data: Legrin also collects data provided by partners and hosts who help us in our services. These partners could be parcel carriers, payment system integrators, our hosts etc.

The data we collect could be listed as;

  • Identification: Name, surname, date and place of birth, ID Numbers (if applicable), e-mail address, phone number, title, nationality, signature.
  • Online Data: IP address of the mobile device or computer used to access our website and services, behavioral data, utilization data.
  • Service Data: The details of the payment, methods of payment, purchased service, the topic of service, the product related to the service etc.

Why Do We Collect Personal Data?

The primary question to be answered is the reason for our data collection. The reason is simple, we want you to have a better experience when accessing our services. We want to tailor our products, services and interfaces for your ease of use and we want to improve our services with your input. The data you provide us is vital for us to continue our operations, and it is vital for us to successfully deliver your packages. It also is vital for you to get your package on time, avoid frustrating delivery issues. We use the data collected only for the sake successful completion of our services.

The identification data are necessary so that we can deliver your packages. We would not want mis-identifications ruining your delivery experience so the more data about you we can collect, the safer we can deliver your product and ensure that you receive your package.

The online data are important for us in order to improve our services. Your utilization of our website is a feedback itself. Thus, we tailor your experience for the better, with using your online data.

Service data is collected for security and improvement purposes. Your order details, what your orders contain is important for us to comply with international and local regulations. Certain types of products might be restricted in certain countries. To avoid legal repercussions, we need to know what is inside the package. This ensures both our and your safety. Your payment method and details are also important for safety purposes, such as detecting fraudulent use of credit cards etc.

How Do We Collect Your Data?

The data we collect is primarily provided by you, while you use our services. This is our primary source and method of collecting data. Moreover, we use cookies and similar services to collect utilization data of our website. We also take assistance from our partners as explained above.

When Do We Collect Your Data?

We collect your data when you visit our website or when you use our services.

Where Do We Store Your Data?

We are using Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) for our data storages. Amazon is one of the biggest service providers for data storage and vaults, and they are fully compliant with the local and international regulations. For more information on AWS, please visit

The servers we hold your data on, are protected with latest security features provided by AWS. They are encrypted so that it is impossible to be reached without proper authorization. AWS also provides key management and threat detection for potential data breaches, ensuring the safety of your data that you trusted us with. We are always working on improving our safety features to keep up with the developing technology.

The storage of your information is maintained within the scope of necessity and proportionality. The data will be stored only as long as it is necessary. After the data becomes unnecessary for our services or for customer experience improvement, the data will either be anonymized or be destroyed.

Do We Share Your Data?

Your information will only be shared when it is absolutely necessary. Your data will be shared with third-parties, as long as the share is necessary for the service to be rendered. For example, your identification data will be shared with the parcel carrier, for them to be able to deliver your package. The online data might be shared with our partners, who will help us improve our online services and customer experience. The service data will be shared with necessary parties and authorities, when necessary.

Sharing your data will allow us to perform our services, improve your experience and secure your package.

Will We Send You Marketing Information?

As long as you allow us to do so, we would like to inform you about or products and services. We want to inform you about our offers and what our partners offer. These partners might include parcel carriers that we work with, and other partner companies with products that you might have an interest in based on your service and online data.

If you have chosen to be informed with these offers, you may always opt out of this service. You have the right to stop Legrin and its affiliates contacting you, any time you wish. You also have the right to declare that you do not want to have your data used for marketing purposes, by Legrin and its affiliates, partners.

What Are Your Rights?

You have certain rights towards your data and its protection. As Legrin, we would like you to be fully aware of your rights to ensure your maximum satisfaction.

The Right to Access: You have the right to request to access the data we have collected. The data belonging to you will be delivered to you in a reasonable time frame. Depending on the delivery method, we may charge you a small fee for this service.

The Right to Rectification: If you believe that any of your data we collected is wrong or inaccurate, you can always request to have it corrected.

The Right to Erasure: Under the conditions where regulations specify, you have the right to request the erasure of your data. Mind that, this is only possible when your data has become unnecessary for our services to be rendered.

The Right to Data Portability: You have the right to request Legrin to transfer all the data. We have collected about you, be transferred to another organization or to you, under certain conditions.

To invoke your rights, you can contact Legrin at;

Phone : +1 (718) 928 6543

E-mail :

Post : Legrin LLC 50 Colfax Ave Clifton, NJ, 07013 United States of America

After you send us your request to invoke any of your rights we will be responding you in one month, either with a confirmation that we have processed your request or with reasoning as to why we cannot process your request at that time, if applicable.

Cookie Policies

Our company uses cookies in a range of ways to improve your experience on our website including;

  • Keeping you signed in,
  • Understanding how you use our website,
  • Tracking your service and product choices,
  • Tailoring your experience based on your previous utilization.

Our website uses multiple types of cookies, namely;

  • Functionality; to recognize you on our website and remember your preferences. Your language and country selection are an example of this cookie.
  • Advertisement; to collect your behavioral data while you are in your website. depending of your type of utilization and choices, you may receive tailored advertisements when you encounter partnered advertisement services.

You can opt to deny cookies, or you can even set your browser to automatically block cookies. You can always clear your cookies, which you have accepted, to have them removed from your browser. However, avoiding cookies may result in non-performance of certain functions in our website.

Updates on Policy

Legrin always updates and improves the privacy policy, duly revisioning the policy in accordance with the law and regulations. The updates are placed to websites as they are applied. This policy has been updated on May 1st, 2021.


If you have any questions regarding the data collection and/or your rights, please contact us at;

Phone : +1 (718) 928 6543

E-mail :

Post : Legrin LLC 50 Colfax Ave Clifton, NJ, 07013 United States of America

If you feel that Legrin is not using your data as it is stated in the privacy policy, or that Legrin has not satisfied your requests, you may contact your local Information Commissioner’s Office.